Count Secure – Tablet Inspection System
For filling lines with counting machines, including ejection of defective items

Broken or fractured tablets, roque products or traces of abrasion are problems frequently arising in tablet production lines. The Count Secure system inspects 100% of your products for defects and roque products. The Count Secure system can be fully integrated and retrofitted to all industrial tablet counting machines like IMA Swiftpack, Cremer etc. The system provides reliable inline monitoring in production speed for the following parameters:

  • Color of tablets, oblongs, hard and soft gelatin capsules
  • Size of products (and fractures in adjustable size are detected)
  • Color coating (spalling)
  • Changes of color and contrast within the surface (e.g. metal abrasion, stress marks)

Defective Products are automatically removed from the production process by an integrated ejection module. As for every Meliscout instrument, an audit trail is provided.

Tablets bottled with typical defects

Count Secure inspection system

Performance Features:

  • Inspection of Tablets, Oblongs, Hard-capsules, Soft-capsules
  • Inspection of Product size
  • Inspection of Cracks (peculiar cracks in tablets will be detected)
  • Inspection of Flakings on Product-Coating (peculiar flakings will be detected)
  • Inspection of Color or Contrast changes on product surface i.e. Metal-abrasaion, stress marks etc.
  • IP 65 Illumination- and multiple color camera unit (mountable above the vibrator sheet)
  • Homogenous, maintenance free, white light illumination, which does not irritate the human eye
  • Tablet ejector included upon request
  • Multiple tablet suction unit, contactless, suction pipes in parallel with instantaneous reaction
  • One suction pipe for each line
  • All of the components are easy to dismantle without tools (Cleaning and Maintenance)
  • Material selection possible in conformity with GMP
  • The full available system contains: Illumination and camera unit, multiple parallel suction units for tablets, vacuum unit, control box incl. SPS-control and  image processing unit and suitable color touchdisplay.

For more technical data and specification, contact us: or download our COUNT SECURE Information material.