Powder Secure: Powder Inspection on a Large Scale

Powders and granules are ambitious material. Their quality and purity requirements make high demands to humans and machines. Foreign substances or particles like; metal or paint abrasion, organic material, agglomerates or fabrics are hard to avoid in the production process. Quality safeguarding is key to achieve  highest possible product quality and cosequently the safety of the patient.


“Powder Secure”: An inspection system focusing on foreign particles, installed in a cleanroom isolator.

In contrast to particle inspection in liquids, foreign particles in powders and granulates are difficult to detect and to evaluate.

Our fully automatic inspection system ‘Powder Secure’ is designed specifically for inspection tasks and is available in a wide variety of configurations. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients are examined by means of high-speed, high-resolution camera technology. Particles with a diameter of only 100 µm can be reliably detected. Models featuring supplementary near infrared spectroscopy are available as well – an outstanding solution in the case of difficult to detect contamination possessing the same color as the sample itself.


•    Inspection of free flowing and pourable powders and granulates
•    Highest degree of purification for visible contamination
•    Detection of optically different foreign particles up from 50 µm, e.g. fibers, lacquer, plastic or metal chips, hair  
•    For detection of optically identical components, Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) is available upon request
•    Suitable for Pharmaceutical GMP environment (cleanroom and isolator)
•    Complete systems including isolator upon request
•    Based on certified food-safe material
•    Encapsulated system
•    Powerful image processing system
•    Automatic self-supervision
•    Mobile equipment
•    Documentation for validation
•    Short cleaning cycles
•    CE-approval

Together with our clients in the pharmaceutical, chemical and life science industries, Meliscout Vision Engineering continuously develops instruments for applications concerning detection and removal of contamination. All details of technical design are in conformance with industry standards for use in cleanrooms and isolators without any limitation. The entire product range is available, from compact laboratory models for random sampling up to complete configurations including isolator for in-line inspection.

For more technical data and specification, simply send a mail to info@meliscout.com or Download our POWDER SECURE Broschure.