Label Secure – Label Printing with Integrated Supervision
A Practical All-in-one Solution: Inline or Offline

So far, quick availability of labels printed in-house was possible only to a certain degree. Variable data used to be simply inserted into pre-printed labels. Meliscout Vision Engineering offers an all-in-one system, comprising an accurate printing device with a new, safe camera inspection module for production. The integrated software enables users to establish flexible inline label printing with subsequent automatic verification. Labels may be printed in color or black-and-white. The result is immediately subjected to high-resolution camera inspection – satisfying highest quality standards. The camera verifies:

·       Variable data

·        Paragraph text

·        Barcodes

·        Graphics (artwork)

Typical mistakes.

The label presentation itself can be customized without any restriction; ‘Label Secure’ can be set up to a new layout any time and is available as sideline or inline printing and inspection unit.

LABEL SECURE in action.

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