The Good Conscience for Your Production!

Decades of experience in development of equipment for quality control and inspection in pharmaceutical, chemical, packing and food industries, are a striking testament for Meliscout Vision Engineering´s strong technical expertise. Our passion for engineering and application oriented out-of-the-box solutions ensures highest technological standards, meeting the individual requirements of our clientele with respect to reliable supervision of processes in most demanding environments.

Detection of Contamination in Powders

Tablet Supervision in bottle filling lines

Powder Secure: Developed in close cooperation with renowned manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry, Meliscout presents a unique series of instruments for visual powder inspection. ‘Powder Secure’ complies with the highest technological and hygienic standards, and is designed and built to be operated in clean-rooms and isolators.

Count Secure: A new and intelligent inspection approach matched with advanced image processing software and outstanding camera technology lead to our new tablet and capsule inspection system ´Count Secure`. Multiple inspection steps ensure the stringent quality requirements in tablet and capsule production. Every tablet is precisely checked for discolorations, presence of contamination, cracks and fractures. 

Complete Label Printing Inspection

Smart Camera Systems

Label Secure: Labels represent the the most widely used identification of pharmaceutical products in international markets. Their absence or insufficient printing quality, especially at inline printing, can result in expensive product recalls. For that purpose, Meliscout has designed a sophisticated solution. The Lable secure system ensures a complete label inspection and appropriate quality standard for labels. 

Vision Secure: Designed as an embedded system, the Meliscout ‘Vision Secure’ model seamlessly integrates into automatic routines without any difficulties and is suitable for a broad variety of inspection tasks. In addition, this instrument has thoroughly been designed according to the “easy to handle” principle. Multiple Camera Systems are also available. 

All our systems are developed with GMP